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EneMe (WT)

Two brothers are caught in a trap of violence, drugs and crime. Chris, who has always been protecting his younger brother...

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No Hate (WT)

Based on true events, a small journal makes its way from one hand to another. Above obstacles and borders it travels through the maelstrom of the war between 1943 and 1947.

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Destruction of Silence

with Horst Janson & Rolf Schapals

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Movies in production and released

CHAIN - Shadows of Despair

Imagine you are waking up in a dark and icecold room in a basement, bound in chains. The next days are becoming a dreadful torture. Just to persevere looses its power at a certain point. Exactly this is what happens to Tom ...

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Destruction of Silence (2013)

End of April 1945, Germany. Only hours before the ending of the gruels of World War II. After his family was killed during an airstrike, the six year old Philipp Schmidt has to conquer new frontiers. Depressed by pangs ...

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Twice over the horizon (2011)

Two people are walking a path together during the tough times of World War II. Nothing is predictable. The story written is a story of death and destruction. In this turmoils of war a deep Friendship is developing ...

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Two minutes risk (2007)

Speed, Action and Adrenaline are the thrill of car races, which don't always go as planned. How 2 min risk can change a life is shown in the debut of Jakob Gisik of 2007. Have a look on IMDb for further informations.

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